Unleash Your True Value and Command Higher Prices with Confidence

Do you ever find yourself second-guessing your abilities and settling for less than you deserve? You’re not alone! So many women in business grapple with self-doubt, often unknowingly sabotaging their true worth and potential. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Today we’re delving into the heart of overcoming self-doubt and unlocking your true value, ultimately enabling you to command higher prices for your products or services.

Overcoming Self-Doubt

In order to truly unleash your value and command higher prices, you’ll need to address why you haven’t done it already. More often than not, it’s the dark horse aka imposter syndrome at play.

So, let’s address it. What makes you an ‘imposter’? Did you wing your way through the launch and growth phase of your business? Are you falsifying your financials?

If you answered no, then you are not an imposter. You are worthy of your success.

Start celebrating your success instead of falling down the self-doubt rabbit hole! Remember, just because you feel like an imposter doesn’t mean you are one.

What evidence do you have to counteract your self-doubt? Start a business brag book and save your glowing feedback and wins in a file. Embrace and highlight your unique selling points, don’t dwell on what you believe you’re lacking.

Recognise Your Value

This meme from Wordfetti sums it up perfectly:

No doubt a Louis Vuitton bag is out of reach for the K-Mart bargain hunters, but that didn’t stop the LV Team from releasing a microscopic handbag that went on to fetch $85,000. Why? Because they recognised their niche audience would see value in it. 

You have something unique to offer, and your value is determined by you. Instead of downplaying your skills and accomplishments, own them and let your confidence shine through. 

When you believe in your own value, others will too! It’s the law of attraction, and it does work. Your confidence will lead the way. 

Craft a Pricing Strategy that is Aligned & Reflects Your Worth

Don’t undervalue yourself and the value you provide. To develop a pricing strategy that reflects your worth, start by evaluating the unique skills and expertise you bring to the table. Tally your years of experience, specialised training, and the results you’ve achieved.

From there, you need to deep dive into your target audience. How does your product or service impact them? For example, the service is a one-hour strategy session but the transformation is what you’re selling. And the end game is what you should be charging for! This will help you craft your selling points and highlight your unique skills to potential clients. 

Remember that it’s not just about the numbers; it’s about the confidence and value you convey. Your pricing should reflect the quality of your work, the results you can achieve, and the level of service you provide. When you set your prices with integrity and confidence, you will attract high-value clients who understand and appreciate your true worth!

Setting the right price, aligned with your values and goals, ensures an authentic relationship with your ideal clients, that resonates positively and fosters mutual satisfaction. Conversely, a mismatched pricing strategy creates dissonance, making it arduous and off-putting for clients, who can sense the energy mismatch.

“You’re too expensive!” 

If someone can’t afford you, it doesn’t mean you’re too expensive, it simply means you’re out of their budget.

And that’s OK, it’s not personal. Don’t be tempted to discount your value – you are not a NFP business. This financial climate is creating a new wave of bargain hunters, but remember: your worth is not up for debate!

You have two options here: 

  1. Realise you are not a match and walk away
  2. Communicate the tangible benefits

If you don’t want to walk away, you need to steer away from price-focused discussions and move towards outcomes and transformations. Showcase success stories and testimonials from past clients who have experienced and illustrate concrete benefits. 

Consider offering different pricing packages or payment options to cater to various budgets and preferences. But remember, not everyone is a fit, and saying NO now means there will be a YES later.

Ready to break free from the shackles of self-doubt and embrace the success you deserve? Grab my FREE Pricing Calculator and charge what you’re worth!  

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