Self Care For Busy Working Mums

It’s crazy times at the moment with everything going on in the world right now. So I just wanted to remind you to make time for YOU!

If you have work piled up to your eyeballs and are super busy keeping your business afloat or stressed to the max because you have time on your hands with lockdown and how you’ve personally been effected,  take some time to look after you.

Thanks Shopify for these simple strategies

  1. Take a breath – do some mindful breathing exercises. Oxygen is linked to our ability to focus so it makes sense to make sure we’re breathing evenly and help keep those stress levels down.
  2. Minimize stress through exercise – not a huge fan of excercising, then do some simple stuff (depending on your area’s restrictions of course) a walk around the block, few laps up and down the stairs if you have them. Regular aerobic exercise can help boost your brains memory and learning function!
  3. Get quality sleep – yeh don’t we all wish we could! There aren’t enough hours in the day! But, if you get more sleep and better quality, those hours you are working will be more productive, you’ll have more decision making ability and creativity! So switch off earlier, to get more done the next day. Note to self – must do this 😉
  4. Eat well – everyone has a different opinion on this as to what is actually eating well. But do what serves you best for your body – as the food you eat has a huge impact on your cognitive performance. Plan ahead, have good snack choices in the pantry (as I am currently eating chocolate – oops! It’s dark chocolate though so it’s good for you right?!). Also super important drink loads of water.
  5. Seek human interaction – if you’re on lockdown, this can be tricky, but all then all the more important. Phone or facetime a friend you haven’t spoken to for a while – how great do you feel after a good chat! If you’re not under restrictions then meet up for a quick coffee at your local cafe. Working for yourself is hard enough and can be pretty isolating in itself not having coworkers to chat to.
  6. Get outside – enjoy some sunshine and good old vitamin D to help increase productivity. Have your morning coffee break outside soaking in the fresh air. Break you say? Yes, make sure you take regular breaks!
  7. Create a workspace you love – if you feel content and happy in your workspace, your motivation will be better! Plants plants plants that’s my motto!
  8. Treat yourself – as women we generally feel like we don’t deserve it, or that we need to give everything to others. A recent Social Method Society coaching session I did covered all this and more. We need to reward ourselves for our hardwork and celebrate our wins. Set a goal and when you reach it, get that massage, buy that bag you’ve been looking at (thanks Bon Maxie <3). You’re not in business for yourself to work harder than ever and not get any of the benefit!
  9. Check in with your mental health – do this often and practice good self care. If you need help, talk to your friends and family or a professional.

Here’s a link to the full article with some reading links and more great ideas.

What’s that saying? ‘You can’t pour from an empty cup’.

If you want to get some help with your numbers to make more time for you email me or contact me.

Love and take care of yourself


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