It’s really important as a bookkeeper to have a great relationship with your Tax Agent. Like me, Mel is located in South East sunny QLD, though she will help you where ever you are in the country. So while this blog is all about Mel – for me it’s about teamwork, I’m glad to be working with her. Have you got your tax return done yet? Contact her now!

Side Hustle Accounting 

Hi, I’m Mel and I LOVE DOING TAX!

I’m a side hustler, an avid blog reader, mum to two little girls, a Certified Practising Accountant and Registered Tax Agent.

I’ve been working as an accountant for 15 years, 10 of those as a CPA. I was listening to a podcast about side hustle income and I realised that all of the information out there was based on the US tax system. I saw a need for somebody to give quality advice about taxation and accounting for side hustlers in Australia. So I began my own side hustle – Side Hustle Accounting.

At Side Hustle Accounting I offer tailored taxation and accounting services to freelancers, bloggers, and side hustlers. Unlike most conventional accountants, I speak your language and I love your world. I understand the joys and struggles of managing your own venture, and I love that I can support other people in the same position. Reading blogs and listening to podcasts is what I do for fun. My appreciation for other people’s creative work is what gave me the inspiration for Side Hustle Accounting—I use my expertise to contribute to the creative community that I enjoy so much.

I’d love to streamline your side hustle! My services vary from Business Startup Consultations, preparation and lodgement of Income Tax Returns through to Comprehensive Accounting Services including tax planning and reviews, financial statement preparation, business services and much more.

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