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you may be wondering….

Unfortunately, we no longer offer this setup only service. You have a couple of options

a) check out The Shop where you can grab some training vids and DIY your setup

b) if you’re looking to outsource your bookkeeping entirely, we will most certainly setup Xero for you if you’re not already on it

No – we don’t offer any Tax services. You will need to engage and work with a Tax Agent. If you are looking for recommendations, please feel free to reach out and we will send you details of some that we personally work with and recommend.

We DO however do all things GST. We have registered BAS Agents on the team who can look after all your BAS/IAS lodgements.

There is so much to learn and navigate in the world of running your own small business! I have created a handy *free* New Biz Checklist to help you tick off some important tasks in the early days.

We have a few different levels of packages available which you can check out here.

Depending on the stage your biz is at as to what help you’ll need + there are also upgrades/addons and VIP options.

Our Digital Course currently only opens its doors 3 times a year.

Jump on The Waitlist to be the first to know when it next opens and also score yourself some possible bonuses and other sneaky insider info.

I totally get it, it’s tricky in the early days balancing all the incoming and outgoing funds. But did you know it will actually save you time AND money handing those books over? How many hours are you spending in the books side of things instead of making money? So doing your own books could actually be costing you money!

And so the short answer to when is the best time? Yesterday! And the next best time is today! The best time is actually different for everyone. But if you’re registered for GST or think you may need to. Or have employees, chances are you’re at the point, so do it before it gets too out of hand and the BAS and Tax keeps you up at night. We don’t want that!

Read our blog Do These 5 things before you outsource your bookkeeping and loads more on planning and to do’s while you’re DIYing. Or prefer to listen? Check out our poddy Your Bookkeeping Matters.