Protect your data!

Is your financial data as safe as possible from hackers??  To comply with ATO requirements we (BAS/Tax Agents) need to use two-factor logins with any of our software that talks to the ATO, to make sure it is actually us logging in looking at your important financial details!

I highly recommend you as a business user do the same. If you haven’t already, and you would like to, check out your relevant software instructions (links below) – it’s pretty straightforward (install an app like google authenticator and scan the barcode). Of course, I’m more than happy to help if you need, as sometimes these things can be a little confusing.

We are also obligated to advise the ATO of any notifiable data breaches, so they can then take any corrective action to help avoid it happening again.

Get in touch f you have any questions – or need some help to set it up.

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