The Juggle: Setting Goals While Keeping The Fam Happy

Small business life is a wild ride, isn’t it? Add in a kid or two and it’s more like a rollercoaster that doesn’t stop. Even when you’re hanging upside down without a seatbelt. With a throbbing headache. The day to day management of your business and your life can leave little room for anything else. Like sleep, ha! 

How then, can you keep your eye on the prize and tackle those big goals with gusto? As someone who has struggled to find time to get the big picture stuff completed, I feel you. This year though, I’ve switched a few things up. Things that will help me keep the gremlins happy and my business in growth mode. I want to share how I’m smashing goals this year. It might just help you do the same!

Time Blocking 

One thing I learnt after struggling to keep business hours last year is that you need to allocate your time well. Past me would accept every meeting and work into the wee hours to get client work done. New me uses Acuity to structure not only my client bookings but ALL MY TIME! 

I allow two times per day for new client calls (usually in the first half of the day) and the rest of the day is blocked out for client work and business management. Not only does this hold me accountable, but it also keeps my hours in check so I can meet deadlines *and* school pick up. Phew!


In 2020 I dipped my toe into outsourcing small things, in 2021 I have committed to growth and I know to get there, I need help both in business and at home. Here’s how I make it work: 

  • A cleaner. Totally non biz related and seems indulgent, but the time it saved me that I could re invest in my biz and keep my weekends free for the fam is so much value for me
  • Content Writer: I have enlisted the help of a specialist to help me strategise my content this year. Not only does it hold me accountable, but I also get to brainstorm with a specialist on the reg. No more hours spent umming and erring about my next piece of content, I have a strategic plan ready to go. Winner! 

It’s two small things but goodness me, they really do help me. Next on the list I’d love to get an assistant!

Keen to outsource your number keeping ? We can help you with all of this!

Goal Mapping 

I’ve upgraded from pie in the sky ideas this year. I’ve mapped out my yearly,  quarterly and monthly goals. From there, I’ve broken them down into bite-sized, achievable pieces. This may seem like a small tweak but for me, it’s HUGE. 

Every week I allocate time to chip away at this list making sure I’m one step closer to my main goals. Having a visual representation of how I’ll get where I need to go has made an impact. Initially, it did take some doing but it was worth it! 


Fun. Yup. That old word that I forgot for a few years has made a comeback. Having such a busy life doesn’t mean you can’t carve out time for a good life. I’ve had to be lame and schedule the ‘fun’ but it’s a start. My fun list looks a bit like this: 

  • Monthly date day with the boys
  • Catch up with a friend at least once a fortnight 
  • One day off a month to read, binge on Netflix and just ‘be’
  • Monthly date day with husbo 

It’s a little list but knowing I have something to look forward to keeps me motivated and productive in business which, you guessed it, helps me smash those goals!

Let me know if this has helped you! 

Here’s to keeping it real and living large in 2021. 

Lisa x

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