How to Make Your Branding Stand Out

SUPER EXCITED to bring you this blog from my dear friend & guest blogger – Maddy from Birdcage Marketing.

It can be tricky to get your branding right to help showcase you and you’re amazing biz, so she’s put some great info together for you on How to Make Your Branding Stand Out – even when it’s busy out there!

In today’s age of technology and lockdown business ideas, more people than ever are starting up small businesses. This is great for the local economy and the flexible work environment small business can offer, it also means the market can start to get flooded.

So, how can you use your branding to stand out from the rest? Here’s some of our top tips:

1. You are your brand

When a customer purchases your product or service, they are buying from your business, your personality, your story. Your audience is intrigued to see the faces behind your brand and to hear about your journey – so make the most of this! Show up on your social media accounts, show some behind-the-scenes of running your business, make connections with your followers, let your personality flourish.

2. Be memorable

To keep your brand stuck in you audience’s minds, you need to leave an impression. Adding emotion to your branding is one of the best ways to make connections with your audience, through nostalgia, humour or joy. You can incorporate these emotions through imagery or wording (or both!). These emotions will continue to resonate with your audience, even after they viewed something from your brand. This is often the deciding factor for customers when choosing between multiple brands, even if they don’t realize it!

3. Have set Brand Values

To develop trust with your audience and keep existing customers loyal, it is important to have set brand values and promises that are reflected in all of your branding. Keeping your branding consistent not only looks good visually, it helps customers have consistent brand experiences, leaving a good impression in their mind. It also means that customers with the same or similar values will resonate with your brand and choose your product/service over your competitors.

So, in conclusion, your branding needs to reflect your story, your values and who you are as a person to make memorable connections with your audience. These connections will help build trust (and result in sales!). Make sure to use emotive imagery and language to help customers resonate with your brand, and ultimately choose your product/service over your competitors.

Thank you Maddy!

Thanks so much for doing this amazing guest blog for us. If you are in need of some marketing know how – Maddy (that’s her gorgeous happy face just below) and her team are totally AMAZING.

Hit their website where you’ll find out all about the range of cool stuff they can do to show you how to make your branding stand out!

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