Keep Your Creativity Flowing: Insights from XeroCon on Staying Inspired in Business

Today, I want to share some valuable insights from a session at XeroCon I was lucky enough to attend earlier this year, which left a lasting impression on me. One of my fave sessions, led by Kamal Sarma, delved into the art of staying creative over the long haul in our often hectic business lives.

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1. Unlearn Traditional Processes

The first point that struck me was the need to conform to old-school practices, which generally mean long, busy hours and weeks. In a world glorifying the hustle, Kamal urged us to reconsider our approach.

Do you really need to power through endless tasks or can you find a new way of doing things? Letting go of the idea busyness equals productivity can open up new avenues for creativity.

2. Prioritise What’s Important

The scarcity of time often leads to stress, and the pressure can overshadow what truly matters. Yes, your orders need to be shipped and your socials strategised but are you pouring everything into business and leaving your other cups bone dry? I’ve been there and done that, and Kamal’s hypothesis had a real impact on me. His suggestion, while a little morbid, is to give our best energy to the people who will come to our funeral. It’s a stark reminder to prioritise relationships and moments which add meaning to our lives, even if it means dropping the ball somewhere else.

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3. Rest Your Mind, Don’t Numb It

How many hours have you spent mindlessly scrolling social media? If your screen time is alarmingly high, you might be using it to numb your busy mind. Unfortunately, this doesn’t qualify as truly resting your mind. Kamal encouraged us to focus on quality rest to recharge. Taking care of ourselves (properly!) is crucial to creativity. Take a tech-free walk, nurture your mind with a book and prioritise sleep.  This will form the foundation of a healthy and sustainable business mindset.

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4. High Performance Mindfulness

Enter Emma Murray, a High-Performance Coach, who shared the concept of the A Game and the B Game. I loved this analogy!

Your A Game is when you’re at your best, loving what you do, and radiating the right attitude. The B Game, on the other hand, encompasses everything else. You’ll never do your best work when you’re in your B Game mindset. But, switching on your A Game is possible! Her four steps are:

  1. Catch the B Game! The first step is to catch yourself in the B game. Recognise when you’re not operating at your best. If you’re not fully engaged or enthusiastic, you’re operating from your B Game.
  2. Stop and Accept It: Instead of brushing it off or ignoring it, stop and accept you’re in the B game. Allow the discomfort to wash over you and acknowledge the need for change.
  3. Elevate Your Vibe: Shift your focus to the present moment. What small action can you take right here, right now, to steer yourself back into the A game?

5. Motion Changes Emotion

And Emma’s fourth step, the final tip: motion changes emotion. Translated, it means don’t wait for the perfect solution. Instead, take small, positive steps towards imperfect action. It could be reaching out to a client, working on a creative project, or simply going outside for a breath of fresh air.

Staying creative and inspired in business is not about a constant sprint; it’s about pacing ourselves and adopting a mindset which values both rest and action. As small business owners, embracing high-performance mindfulness can be a game-changer and doesn’t cost a thing.

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Here’s to keeping the creativity flowing in our entrepreneurial journeys, looking after ourselves and prioritising what is truly important to our souls 🙏

If you’re looking for more short and snackable tips on your business journey, dive over and take a listen to our podcast, Your Bookkeeping Matters.

Lisa x

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