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Don’t spend your money trying to keep *track* of your money. There are SO many free app & tools out there that will make your life a breeze. I’ve gathered my favourites for you.

ATO App for Tracking KMs

There’s nothing more annoying than trying to track your KMs with an old-school log book. Make it easier on yourself with the ATO App that tracks your business usage for you. The app will keep loads of info and lets you email them over to your accountant without the hassle.


Ok, the subscription to Xero isn’t free BUT, the Xero app is. I highly recommend you install it on your phone. You can do invoicing on the go and send clients receipts for payments. It’s SO handy!


Wave isn’t my preferred accounting tool because it doesn’t have the ability Xero does (and I’m a true blue Xero loyalist) but it’s an excellent choice if you’re just starting out. It’s easy to use, offers great payment options to your clients and it enables you to pull basic reports. It just isn’t powerful enough for in-depth reporting, payroll or GST.

While you’re here

I’ve included some other business software I use daily. Best of all, they are FREE.


Gosh, who doesn’t use and love Canva? Founded by a fellow Aussie biz babe, this program is going from strength to strength. I have all of my templates saved in there and can adjust and reuse them quickly. I love how much you get in the free subscription but if you want to upgrade to pro, you get a whole host of features like free images, background remover and so many fonts.


I literally couldn’t live without this one. I have like 7000 passwords to remember between my stuff and my client work and my brain just isn’t that sophisticated! Last pass will automatically store your passwords and log you into your programs without any effort from you. All you need to do is remember the one password to log into Last Pass at the start of your working day.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is *kind-of* free. It’s a free inclusion with all Microsoft subscriptions. I use it to chat to clients/team members via phone and video. It’s way easier than zoom! None of those screen sharing technology fails, ha!


Everyone has their favourite planning tool and you guessed it, Trello is mine. I love that you can plan projects and workflows logically and visually. You can drag and drop items around and you can even set up templates for recurring items. Easy and most of all, FREE.


Another reason I love Xero, they are connected! You can get a free HubDoc subscription if you’re already on a Xero Business Plan. You can use it to capture your expenses, add copies of invoicing or it even does some of your data entry. It integrates seamlessly into Xero so it’s a win-win. I’ve been using it for years and honestly, I can’t fault it.


There’s a lite and paid plan on this one but in my opinion, the free one is ok if you’re just starting out. I wouldn’t have a CLUE who I need to call or where I need to be if I didn’t have Acuity managing my calendar. It makes it so easy for clients to book in a chat, there’s no need for annoying back and forth emails. All I need to do is login and block out my calendar when I need to. Winner!

Tell me, what are some of your go-to free business tools? I’m all for the streamlining and automating!

Want to check out how I use Acuity – book a call with me and see how awesome it is.

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