5 Biz tasks to outsource today!

If there’s been one lesson I’ve learnt running this little business of mine it’s that no one woman can do everything. As much as we’d all love to be everywhere and do everything at once, we just can’t be. And in actual fact, that hustle mentality is detrimental to business growth. Today, I’m going to share 5 biz tasks to outsource today.

Admin / Customer Service

Admin tasks might seem simple and quick to complete but, when you add up how long you spend on them, you might be surprised. Replying to Insta DM’s, checking orders, emails…the list goes on! There are SO many fabulous Australian VA’s around who can give you your time and mental space back.


Ok, ok, I’m a little biased with this one but honestly? Bookkeeping is something you really need to get *right* in business. There’s nothing worse than paying too much on your BAS, realising you don’t have $$$ put aside for stock or incorrectly forecasting your profit only to be disappointed. If you’re on the hunt for a Bookkeeper, I know a really good one 😉

Social Media

Social Media is an ever-changing medium. What was once a simple task is now so niche and specialised, it really pays to have a pro on board. If you find yourself getting sucked into the social media vortex far too often, offload it. A good social media manager will create content specifically designed for your target demographic and, best of all, you will only need to approve it and it’s done!


Content has really gone up a notch in recent years. Back when I started working (😉), a simple ad in the paper was enough to get clients and customers through the door. Fast forward to now and it’s all about presenting yourself well online through blogs, social media, website copy, email marketing and more. If words aren’t your thing, hiring a copywriter may just be the best investment you make in your business. Also, if you get one on retainer, it isn’t as expensive as you think 🙌


I’ve grouped these two together because they do intertwine somewhat. All of your employee contracts and agreements with freelancers and so on really should be checked by a lawyer or HR professional. You’d be surprised at what you can miss if you DIY it. Even something simple as a website needs legals. It’s great to have someone to chat through sticky situations with too.

So there is my little overview of 5 biz task to outsource as soon as you can. You didn’t go into business for yourself to do all the things and you’re not spending your time where it’s best utilised. Outsourcing to a specialist, they’re in the know, can do it much quicker and gives you back your time.

Not sure what to outsource first? What is taking up the most time, that thing that stresses you out the most or you know the least about. Start there and work your way up. The more you free yourself up to do what you love and grow, the more you can outsource.

Tell me, what do you already outsource and what do you WISH you outsourced?

Speaking of saving time, did you catch the blog a couple of weeks ago on some free apps/tools that I love using?

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