#17 Why It’s Crucial To Automate Your Invoicing

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Today we’re chatting about automating your invoicing, something that matters way more than you would think. If you have clients you raise invoices for and you’re doing it manually then listen up – it’s time to get automated!

If you are using Word, Canva, or something that is not an invoicing or accounting program, you’re doing it the long, hard manual way. Or, even if you’re using accounting software but not automating your process, it could be so much simpler!

It is so crucial to your small business that you automate your invoicing as much as you can. I take you through the benefits of automation, and why it hurts your business if you’re not doing it.

How exactly do you automate your invoicing? I clarify the options so you can work out which ones will work for your business and your processes. I also step you through how to map your invoicing process and the magic of repeating invoices.

If you issue invoices you’re going to love this episode and get some real, actionable steps to speed things up and get paid faster, consistently.


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