4 Fast Tips To Invoice Using Xero

You’ve probably gathered by now that I’m quite the Xero fan. I write a lot about tracking your expenses, preparing reports and the outgoing side of things but today, I want to share some excellent tips on Xero Invoicing some excellent tips to help you invoice using Xero. I’m a Xero Certified Advisor so you better believe I have a few handy tips when it comes to using my favourite platform to it’s full advantage.

Why Xero? 

I’ll admit there are a variety of invoicing software options out there and while all of them have their place, Xero is my top choice. If you use Xero to track your expenses, using it to track your income is a no brainer. Your bookkeeper will love you for it because they’ll be able to see exactly who is paying you when and what for. 

Along with that mammoth benefit, Xero is incredibly efficient. Once you’ve set up your template, getting paid is easy. Connect to PayPal, Stripe or others that integrate, and you’ll earn yourself a shiny, green ‘pay now’ button which entices your payees to show you the money, super easy for them! 

Additionally, Xero is a professional platform so you can breathe easy knowing your dollars are being correctly managed and reported on. Phew!

Update Your Contact Details In Xero 

When you invoice in Xero, all of your details will be pulled through including Business Name, ABN, Address, Phone, Email and Website. You can opt not to include them or simply add your suburb rather than your full address. 

To update your details, click on settings and open organisation settings. 

I see so many invoices with incorrect details so taking time to set this up right is paramount! No ABN, no company details, no phone number, you name it, I’ve seen it!

Automatic Reminders 

Chasing money is a nightmare. It just never gets easier. Well that was until you used Xero to automate the whole process…BOOM! 

You can set up automatic invoice reminders at 7 days, 14 days and 21 days or you can customise your own timing. This means you no longer have to manually check in with your debtors! The beauty of this process is that you can customise your reminders. 

My ultimate tip? Create a ‘mythical’ bookkeeper and sign off the invoice reminders in their name – makes what can be sometimes awkward less so. You want your emails to stand out in the crowd that fill our inboxes these days so if it helps awesome! To setup/turn them on, go to Invoice Settings and Invoice Reminders. And customise away!

Set Up Online Payments 

Ahhh, online payments. The holy grail of getting paid. You know how I mentioned the shiny green ‘pay now’ button? Well to get it, you need to set up online payments. 

Xero integrates with Stripe for credit card payments, PayPal for online payments and other handy provider options you can check out here

Additionally, you can integrate other payment options via a custom URL from your service provider. Then you can attach this URL to your branding theme. Easy huh? 

Xero have developed an amazing step by step guide to help you set up your payment options. Check it out here. 

Customise Your Invoice In Xero 

Nothing looks more profesh than a branded invoice. Luckily, Xero gives you two options to make your invoice pop. 

Standard Theme 

If you’re after a no-frills invoice and you’re happy with a logo and your details as the only customisation, the standard theme is for you. 

To create your own, follow this step by step guide or watch the video tutorial: 

  1. Click the organisation name, select Settings, then click Invoice settings.
  2. Adjust the other options as needed, such as page margins, font, etc. You can also enter your contact details and invoice or quote terms.
  3. Click Save. EASY AS!

Custom Invoice 

If you’d like to customise your invoice further, you can customise your own document and upload it to your invoice dashboard. 
To create your own, you can watch the tutorial here. This process is a little more techy which is why I customise them for my clients.

I hope this quick guide with tips on Xero Invoicing has helped! If you need a hand with your bookkeeping, I won’t be taking new clients until the New Financial Year, but in the meantime, you can join my free Facebook Group Accounted For You Numbers Club for some sneaky hints and tips. 

Or if you’re looking for more help on what your invoices need to include from an ATO perspective, I have all the info in a handy blog here for you. There’s actually a lot you need to include, so if you’re not sure head over.

Happy invoicing!

Lisa x

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