XeroCon: Macro Trends Shaping The Future

Business is evolving. The way we do business has shifted due to Covid and the rise of the virtual office and along with it comes a (renewed) focus on sustainability and wellness.

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My absolute favourite keynote speaker at XeroCon was Author & Entrepreneur Kemi Nekvapil. Kemi shared her 7 principles of being a well-being. Specifically how overall well-being is connected to business, family, purpose and our influences.

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She really challenged how we define success vs connectivity, joy and passion. I just adored her mindset and I want to share her wisdom with you.

True wellness cannot be achieved without ⬇️

Body nourishment: nutrition and movement are directly linked to clarity and energy. They are the foundation of wellness.

Self-love + care: choosing to love yourself enough to care shouldn’t feel like an impossible task. Select simple actions to form a ritual.

Create joy: choose how you view the little and big moments and seek ways to make them joyful. This doesn’t mean grinning and bearing impossible situations but rather finding happiness in mediocre moments. Waiting for show-stopping joy holds us back!

Be creative: finding a vessel of creativity in your daily life is important to maximising your wellness.

Elevate relationships: add positivity to the relationships you have and seek community to transform your outlook. Positive energy is contagious!

Passion: create a life you’re excited to show up for and be unapologetic about it.

Purpose + contribution: Lead with your purpose, contribute to others and the big one, let others contribute to you. This was a massive learning for me being a staunch supporter of women in business.

The Garlic Analogy

This also from Kemi, really struck a chord with me and I’ve carried it with me since I heard it. I hope it’s as impactful for you. 

If you work with clients/products that don’t fit you and your business ethos, you’ll notice you cringe when you think of them. That client/product is like garlic. When you chop that garlic on the chopping board then you chop pineapple, what flavour is still lingering on the board AND in the pineapple? Yup, the garlic. 

Even though you’re not working with that garlic, its presence is felt throughout the next project and as a result? Impacts you even if you’re not working with it right then and there. 

Clear the garlic away! Imagine the positive impact it will have on your future projects! 

Food for thought – literally.

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Sustainability In Business

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Big and small businesses want to improve their carbon footprint and have taken steps to improve sustainability but tracking impact has been a bit of a blind spot.

Until now. Xero has partnered with carbon management expert Cogo to help small businesses take the next step in their sustainability journey.

Meet Cogo

Cogo is making great strides to help any business to become a climate champion. Cogo seamlessly integrates with Xero to track, measure and reduce your carbon footprint.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Connect Cogo with your Xero account
  2. Your Xero file will filter through Cogo’s sustainability measuring tool
  3. You’ll get real-time, accurate data based on your business spend
  4. Cogo will provide you with suggestions to reduce your carbon footprint
  5. Take action to improve your score, and your impact!

I’ve already installed Cogo and am implementing simple, impactful changes in my business.

I imagine, like anything in this area, it will improve, evolve, and help more and more as it grows!

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Xero’s new Sustainability Hub is filled with resources to support your work too.

Yours in Sustainability & Wellness

Lisa x

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