It’s Time To Simplify Your Business Systems

Whether you’re a new business owner or you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, there’s always room to tighten your processes for enhanced efficiency.  You’d be amazed at how much time is wasted on unnecessary busy work. Double-handling electronic files, ineffective systems and ultimately, lost productivity. If you’re committed to a smoother 2023, here’s how you can avoid the overwhelm and digital mess that goes hand in hand with the wrong foundations.

Identify the gaps

Everything you do in your business is a process. From replying to emails to drumming up new opportunities. If you’ve done it once, you’ll likely do it again at some point. Finding ways to replicate, automate and create a robust workflow will save you endless hours.

Group your business activities into categories such as

  • Marketing: social media, advertising, email marketing
  • Engagement: discovery calls, briefs, proposals, contracts, welcome kit
  • Production: stock management, manufacturing, packing, quality control
  • Delivery: shipping, customer service
  • Finance: invoicing, expense management, BAS, tax, super, payroll 

Consider what can be automated and how you can save yourself from re-work.

Map your ideal processes

If you had a magic wand, how would you spend your time? Rank your tasks and start with the one that fills you with dread. For the sake of this piece, we’ll assume its bookkeeping you loathe…

Example Bookkeeping Process

Expense Invoices/ReceiptsUpload, check, and allocateReports & BAS
Bank statementsMatch transactions, and reconcileAnalyse & Save
Customer Sales InvoicesCreate, Send, and ReconcileForecast, plan
This is in no way a complete reflection or full example!

Get the right tools

Consider the tools you’re currently using and where there’s room for improvement. Luckily, there’s a plethora of options that can revolutionise your processes in just one click.

You’d be surprised at how many business owners use multiple systems for one business process. Conduct an audit across the board and see how you can simplify to save time and money, stat!

Outsource the overflow 

The best thing about process mapping is that resource gaps become oh-so-obvious. And now that you’ve got a streamlined process, you can see where your time and energy are being spent.

StrategyBookkeepingCustomer ServiceStock ControlWebsite
Advertising CreativeTax & StrategyClient onboardingBuying/MakingWholesale
Social MediaPayrollClient offboardingPackingWorkload planning
Copywriting/EmailsInvoicingContractsQuality ControlResource Planning
Relationship MgmtCustomer Service
So much more can be added to this list – or taken away if not relevant to you!

Part of working smarter is knowing how to use your skills and resources the right way. Find your overflow and outsource your way to a simpler business in 2023.

Simplify your bookkeeping!

Did you know the average business owner spends 100 hours a year on bookkeeping? That’s eight hours a month. Claim that time back and get us on the tools in ’23. Our bespoke bookkeeping services have been developed with your flourishing business in mind.

Get back to scaling that business of yours and leave your finances with our trustworthy team of bookkeepers. Check out our packages & book a call with me in the New Year!

Lisa x

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