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I’m so proud to have the opportunity to work with incredible women in business! From witnessing their growth to seeing them overcome struggles, it’s an absolute privilege. The power of female entrepreneurship never ceases to amaze me and I’m so grateful to get an insider’s perspective. 

Tracey from Adventure Snacks is one of the wonderful women I get to call a client. In a typical entrepreneurial fashion, Tracey saw a gap in the market…and a rather large one at that. As a mum of 2 boys, she spent a large portion of her day preparing food and grew frustrated trying to find great quality lunchboxes, drink bottles and snack containers. So, Adventure Snacks was born and fast forward to now, her business has made meal times easier for thousands of customers! 

Without further ado, let me introduce you to Tracey!

How has taking the leap to outsource your numbers helped you and your business?

It has given me the confidence I need in my numbers. I know that my books are always up to date so I can use that data to make decisions and see how the business is tracking.  When I was managing it myself, I would get behind so I wouldn’t have access to a true representation of my biz numbers until I caught up! 

How have you or your business grown/changed since we started working together?

We are continuously growing each month and each year which is so great – especially considering the current economical client.  Since working with AFY, I have hired more staff and brought on more brands. It’s been an exciting 12 months!

How have our streamlined processes and client portal/communication helped you?

The communication has been incredible! It’s easy to see what needs to be done from my end and is simple to action. Nothing is ever too hard and no question is too silly – I always get considered and customised responses to any queries I have.  This has helped me to keep up to date with my books, without taking too much time out of my already busy days!

How did you come about or approach deciding to outsource?

I was managing my books myself and found I would often get behind – there are so many moving parts to a growing e-commerce business! My to-do list is always huge, and bookkeeping seemed to fall to the bottom of the priority list often.  So when I switched to a company structure, I knew it was time to get help. 

Now I have more time to spend on the business and the books have never been in better shape! 

Was there any fear around outsourcing?

I spoke to Lisa and she made me feel totally at ease so I felt comfortable straight away! Handing anything over in business can be scary but when it’s for the right reasons and to the right people it’s a no-brainer! Especially when it reduces your workload. 

Why did you choose me and Accounted For You?

I was referred by my VA at the time, who worked with AFY and was very happy.  After the initial Zoom consult, I knew AFY would be a great fit. 

Lisa being an e-commerce specialist gave me complete confidence. 

Anything else you would like to share?

I’d highly recommend getting help with bookkeeping if it’s not your zone of genius – I should have done it earlier!

Thank you, Tracey! It’s an absolute delight working alongside you.

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Lisa x

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