5 Secrets Every Bookkeeper Wants You To Know

If you are currently working with a bookkeeper or are looking to hire one in the future, there are a few industry secrets you should know.

1 – We Don’t Judge

We are privy to a whole heap of sensitive information. Your income, your expenditure (some personal ones too), your profit margins and more. We can track where you spend and where you save. You may feel a little hesitant to hand that information over but honestly, we just want to make your money work for you! We don’t care if you’re dropping $300 a month on stationery if that’s what you need to get the work done!

2 – Your financial health matters to us

It’s not just a numbers game to us, your financial health is really important to us! We want you to soar. We’ll make suggestions and offer advice to help you do just that. We can investigate solutions and allocate your money in a more structured, financially viable way. It’s what we’re good at!

3 – We appreciate honesty!

If you’ve got a BAS bill you’re worried about, tell us. If you want to re-configure your finances, tell us. We’re here to help you so don’t be shy. Money may seem like an icky subject to some but it’s what we excel at. 9 times out of 10, we’ll have a solution for you. 

4 – Every Bookkeeper has a niche

Just like every surgeon has a specialty, every good bookkeeper has a niche. Some may excel in a corporate environment and some, like me, may specialise in female-led small businesses. While our skills are easily interchangeable, we prefer to work in our zone of brilliance. So be sure to find one who specialises in your small biz area. Here’s a little about me and who I love working with.

5 – We aren’t Tax Agents

While we may work in the field, we are certainly not tax specialists. Your tax matters should always sit with your Tax Agent (Accountant). We prepare your Profit & Loss + Balance Sheet, BAS, super, PAYG, but we are not legally allowed to give you tax advice. And I can’t prepare your tax return either. I get asked that. A lot!

I know a good one if you’re looking 😉 Mel is THE BEST.

And there you have it, industry secrets officially SPILT.

Yours in bookkeeping,

Lisa X

PS – got any burning questions you’d love answered on this shoot me an email. Or any other secrets you’d like to know about ??

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