The Women In Business We Support And How

A big part of my recent shift in business offerings is driven by my dream to help all women in business throughout all seasons. It breaks my heart a little to speak with a potential client who really needs a bookkeeper on the tools but simply can’t afford it right now. 

If this is you, I get how terrifying it can be to do it all yourself without the funds for expert guidance. The good news is, no matter where you are in business there’s a way we can support you. 

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Just getting started: Free Resources  

I’ll be honest. At first, starting my business was a struggle. I had to do everything by myself. I struggled to find reputable sources with even some government websites way out of date. 

I’ve developed a bunch of resources to help guide that initial start-up phase. Best of all, they’re all free. Instead of replying to multiple emails and DM’s with the same information, I created a whole range of downloads to help you along the way. 

Ready To Go: Learn How

If you’re a newbie business owner who needs help with your numbers but still can’t afford to hire a bookkeeper, I can teach you what you need to know! I’ll step you through the actions you need to take to get your business finances in tip-top shape, minus the jargon and yawn factor. 

Power In Numbers is a unique mix of group coaching and online learning where you will build the right foundations for small business success, without the overwhelm. I will teach you everything you need to know about numbers, money management and financials for start-ups, minus the jargon.

This is the perfect solution for you if you’re a new business owner, in ANY industry, and you’re serious about doing it right but can’t afford to get a bookkeeper on the tools.

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Time To Scale: Get Us On The Tools

Whether you’ve recently hit $75k or over (congratulations!) or you’re well on your way to a million-dollar business, there’s a bespoke bookkeeping package for you. We specialise in helping creative entrepreneurs and eCommerce businesses manage their books, reconcile bank accounts, pay employees, take care of super and more. 

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Behind The Scenes: The Women We Support

A truly eclectic mix of empire-building e-commerce and service-based businesses, I’m really proud of the women we support. It’s a great feeling knowing we are making an impact.

The best bit? I’m here for you no matter where you are in business. For bootstrapped new start-ups, start with free resources. Once you’re ready to set yourself up for success, Power In Numbers is the perfect way to learn. If you’re well on your way and need 1:1 support, there’s a bookkeeping package for you. 

For Everyone: Your Bookkeeping Matters

If you’ve ticked any of the above boxes, Your Bookkeeping Matters is my NEW Podcast developed with ALL small business owners in mind. 

Have a listen, add it to your queue and if you love it, leave me a 5-star review! 

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