#50 Which Metrics Matter: Driving Sustainable Success

Welcome to my 50th episode! I’m so grateful to all of you for putting me in your ears every week and giving me the opportunity to share my short and snackable episodes about all of your bookkeeping matters.

This brings me to today’s episode on which metrics you should be measuring in your business to achieve sustainable success. There are so many different metrics you can use to measure how your business is going, but which ones really matter?

For example, frequently I see business owners touting their amazing revenue figures without mentioning their profit at all.

But what’s the point of earning $1 million in revenue if your expenses are $999,000?

So, to help you grow your business sustainably, we’ll take a look at your profit metrics, pricing strategies, work-life balance, which products and services are profitable, diversifying your income streams, efficiency and productivity, and employee retention.

This episode is perfect for you if you really want to gain a firm grasp on how your business is tracking and how to grow it sustainably without being chained to your desk 24/7.





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