#45 Big Growth Energy Season 2 Wrap Up

As we wrap up Season 2 of the podcast today, I’m extremely grateful as I look back over the first two seasons of the show, and thankful that you allowed me to pop into your ears each week. As I take a quick break from recording and go into planning mode for Season 3, I encourage you to keep charging forward in your business and find new ways to tap into that big growth energy. 

One theme that seems to have woven its way throughout this season is the importance of finding support as you learn and grow as a business owner. You cannot do everything yourself, and today I encourage you to look at outsourcing as an expense that you’ll see return on, and not a sunk cost to be avoided. Whether it’s a business friend, a virtual assistant or bookkeeper, I believe having people you can lean on is vital in supporting your growth.

I share my thoughts on another super important ingredient to finding big growth energy, and that is knowing your numbers. Whether you’re a numbers fanatic or you’re overwhelmed with keeping track of your financials, I believe that keeping up to date with this information is non-negotiable. I encourage you to take a look at previous episodes on the show that give you strategies on how to manage your money right.

I run through some of my favourite topics and episodes of the podcast, all centred around growth and creating space for the things you value most. Do you know what you really want to achieve in your business? What will help you reach your goals? What is currently stopping you?

I encourage you to also take a look back through this season and dive into any episodes you haven’t already snacked on. I know they will inspire and challenge you to tackle everything you wish to achieve, and become who you want to be as a business owner.

While we say goodbye to this season of the podcast, I look forward to bringing you new inspiration on all your bookkeeping matters, and to continue supporting you as you grow your business.



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