#28 How To Outsource to Get Out of Your Own Way

In this episode, we’re chatting with the lovely Hayleigh Watson from Hali Helper about something that’s absolutely key to growing a business – getting out of our way and outsourcing.

We frequently get stuck in the day-to-day doing and we end up being our own worst enemies when we’re trying to improve and grow.

Hayleigh is the owner of her own Virtual Assistant (VA) Agency Hali Helper. Hali Helper looks after admin, social media, graphic design and loads more. I can personally say that Hayleigh and the team deliver amazing high-touch services, completely tailored to your business. Hayleigh also hosts a podcast, her passion project – The Girls Gotta Work.

Today we explore whether all VAs do the same thing and why outsourcing to a VA is key to growing your business past a certain point.

Hayleigh recommends that you consider hiring a VA before you hit the point of overwhelm so that you can work out what your needs are with clarity and so that you have the time to find the right one. Which is such a great tip for any decisions in your business!

We also chat about what you should do, think and ask when they’re ready to work with a VA. Hayleigh explains how to find the perfect VA for your business, and what to do when you’ve found them, to ensure you get the most out of them!

You might even be ready to work with a fantastic VA like Hayleigh after listening to this episode!


Connect with Hayleigh Watson:

Website: https://www.halihelper.com.au/

Podcast: https://msha.ke/girlsgottaworkpodcast

Instagram: @halihelper  /  @girlsgottaworkpodcast

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@halihelper


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