#01 What is bookkeeping all about?

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Welcome to the very first episode of Your Bookkeeping Matters.

Together we’ll be talking about all matters of business and bookkeeping to look after your numbers and better manage your business. 

In this episode, I’m exploring what a bookkeeper actually does and why someone has to do it in every business. I’ll run you through the role a bookkeeper plays and what they DON’T do so you have the full picture of what they provide.  

Bookkeeping has grown along with the needs of businesses. Their role is multifaceted and dependent on the business, but generally, they will take care of processing income and expenses, bank reconciliations, payroll, leave entitlements and making sure you’re compliant with superannuation plus much more. Here at Accounted For You, we tailor our packages for the requirements of each business so you can choose the added tasks you no longer want to manage yourself. 

Bookkeepers also look after recording your GST (if you’re registered) and BAS – all the fun tasks! 

I want to help you learn more about your business through targeted insights and lessons to transform your money mindset. Listen in and you’ll even become friends with your numbers!


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