#22 Do you Make the Digital Marketing Mistakes 99% of Small Business Owners Make?

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Welcome to a very special episode where I’m chatting with the wonderful Maddy Avery from Birdcage Marketing talking all things digital Marketing.

I share how I’ve watched Maddy grow from a sole trader to an agency with more than ten employees so believe me when I say Maddy has done the hard yards. She has one of the biggest hearts I know and genuinely wants to help other small businesses use their marketing to grow their business that feels good and is aligned with their purpose.

Why is Maddy in marketing and why does she do what she does? She is a self-confessed business-holic with a bundle of qualifications and more than ten years of experience in other agencies before she started her own business.

Maddy shares with us some of the mistakes that most small business owners make so that you can avoid them and save yourself some money and we bust some marketing myths. We also talk about how marketing is key to your business’s success and how to do that in a way that works for you.

Maddy steps us through what a brand strategy is, how important it is to not skip this step and the key components including target audience, brand features and benefits, personality, vision and mission statements, key messages and aesthetics page. Maddy explains that it’s how your brand makes people feel that sells your business.

Marketing is not static. Maddy reminds us that rejection is a redirection – it’s important to pivot according to what adjust to what your market is telling you.

Maddy also shares her favourite marketing hacks, including a secret way to stay top of mind with your ideal clients through Facebook. She also steps us through the Birdcage Vault App which helps small businesses with marketing training at a super low cost.

Maddy shares her one tip that makes her finances easier, how I’ve been able to help her and what she wishes she did differently with her numbers in the early days.


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Connect with Maddy Avery:

Instagram:    @birdcagemarketing

Tik Tok:    @maddybirdcagemarketing

Website:    https://birdcagemarketing.com.au/
App:        https://birdcagemarketing.com.au/birdcage-marketing-vault/

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