What’s New at Accounted For You?

Making bold moves isn’t something that comes naturally to me. Being in the finance industry lends itself to playing it safe, dotting ‘i’s’ and crossing ‘t’s’, being exact and forgoing the grey for black and white.

It’s comfortable there. I mean, if numbers don’t balance, there’s always a reason why.

Being a business owner though? Whoa. SO dramatically different. Sometimes, there just isn’t an answer. And sometimes, you get it so so wrong – despite following the right formula. 

Those learnings have stretched me but on the other side of it? I’ve grown into myself in ways I didn’t envision. And the best bit? I’m not done yet!

You may have noticed a few new things ‘round these parts and today, I’m stepping you through what’s new at Accounted For You.

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the accounted Collective

Supporting women in business has always been my ‘why’. Sure, I crunch the numbers but I also cheer furiously from the sidelines. I realised that support had been capped to clients. Community over competition is a guiding value of mine and supporting fellow bookkeepers to grow their business was a calling I couldn’t ignore.  
So, I decided to create an opportunity to do just that. @accountedcollective is my group coaching program for high-vibe Bookkeepers with their own practice wanting to collect, learn and grow.

Each month you’ll get access to: 

  • The Collective Hub – where all our resources, videos and progress are
  • Monthly live Q&A sessions with ME
  • Private Facebook group – to connect and ask me questions throughout the month
  • Monthly social media content prompt calendar
  • Monthly downloadable/template
  • + the Collective Pathway as it develops

Check it out!

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accounted for you numbers club

AFY Numbers Club is OPEN  (again)!

A year or so ago, I had this GREAT Facebook group for female business owners and I’m happy to say, the group is OPEN again.

It’s a collaborative space where female-led business owners can confidently share business ideas and wins and even ask those (sometimes scary) number-related questions.

Join and you’ll get access to:

  • Tips, hints, hacks + resources
  • Great articles we’ve stumbled across and some we’ve written ourselves
  • Business news you need to be across
  • Fun opportunities to connect

I can’t wait to see you in the Numbers Club (again)!

Check it out!

digital training

Engaging a bookkeeper can be a tall order when you’re just starting out in business! And if you’re just starting out, setting up your Xero file can be a real challenge. I’ve added a ‘Set Up Xero’ video training in my online shop which is a great start for any business owner who doesn’t understand the basics of Xero.

If you need more in-depth training, I’d love to hear what you’d like covered next! It’s a resource I’ll continue adding to and I really hope this new arm of my little business helps you grow yours.

Check it out!

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power in numbers intake opening SOON

I’m thrilled that I’m again able to help MORE women in business flourish.

This step-by-step course has been developed with you, the small business owner in mind. 

By the end of this program you will:

  • Be clear on the things you HAVE to do to be ATO compliant.
  • Nail down what numbers are important to YOU
  • Have the tools to Strategically plan your pricing
  • Learn how to budget the right way
  • Learn how to implement the right systems to support (with BONUS easy to follow checklists)
  • Be confident you are on track to support your biz as it grows!

I’m so proud of this program. It’s a blend of group coaching and online learning so you’ll have my support the whole time.

It’s time to get your power back and learn how to manage your numbers without the overwhelm.

Check it out!

free resources

Sick of googling how to price your services? Or work out your profit and loss without accounting software? What about New Business Tips & Resources? I’ve compiled some super easy to follow, FREE resources to help you in business. 

Again, this is an ever-evolving resource but so far I’ve included: 

  • Profit & Loss Generator: plug your numbers in and this handy template will give you an accurate profit and loss…without accounting software! 
  • Pricing Calculator: work out the best price point for YOU, get a more accurate picture of the costs you need to cover and profit margins with this handy calculator. 
  • New Biz Checklist: if you’re new to small business, you need to download the FREE new business checklist. It’s full of tips, tricks and resources to get you started. 
  • NEW! The Top 10 FAQs You Need To Know: arm yourself with the top questions and answers you’ll need to know like when to register for GST and how to do payroll. 

Blog: As always, my blog is chocker block full of free business tips, bookkeeping know-how and more! Join my mailing list and you’ll never miss an article.

Check it out!


Get your bookkeeping facts, small business money matters and everything in between in your EARS.

Yes, I’m launching a podcast to help more of you sail this business ship the right way. Watch this space as I’ll be coming to your poddy playlist so SOON.

The aim? To help you do numbers the right way. You didn’t get into business to be a bookkeeper so let me guide you through with weekly snackable tips to guide you through.

I can’t wait to hit live on this passion project of mine. It’s been in the wings for 18 months and I’ve decided NOW is the time to connect.

bespoke bookkeeping services

I’m so incredibly proud of the clients we’re working with at Accounted For You. Providing bespoke 1:1 support will ALWAYS be front and centre.

Find the right package to suit your flourishing business in our new service menu.

Check it out!

There’s been a lot of change and some really positive growth around these parts. My hope is to support e-commerce businesses with more tactile resources while giving current clients more value. For new business owners, my free resources, podcast and of course, my ramblings on Instagram are a fantastic place to start.

Here’s to a great year!

Lisa x

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