#35 The Missing Ingredient To Your Growth Plans: Your Mindset

I’m really excited today to chat about one of my absolutely favourite non-numbers topics – mindset. Your mindset is crucial in how you take care of your finances, your business and your growth so I wanted to invite my dear friend Danni Vee to share her wealth of knowledge, experience and advice.

Danni has worked with thousands of women through her roles in education, mentoring, and coaching, in addition to over 20 years as a driven entrepreneur. She began running her very first business from the age of 19 as a piano teacher in primary schools around Brisbane and has progressed through the health and wellness industry.

Danni owns and runs a few different health and wellness businesses. The first one, My Fit Tribe, provides health and fitness training and programs in Brisbane, both in person and online. The next one is The Mummy Trainer Academy which is pregnancy and postnatal training, and provides qualifications for teachers. And the third one is the area we are talking about today, Danni Vee Coach, which includes all things confidence, mentoring and authenticity.

Danni is passionate about a positive mindset, growth and learning, and is here to share with you how your mindset could be the missing ingredient that is stopping you from growing, how to find the confidence that you are looking for, and how your mindset is tied to your money.

Danni is sharing some really simple practical steps you can start using today to recentre, focus and add in that absolutely vital missing ingredient back into your growth plans.



Connect with Danni Vee:

Website: https://myfittribe.com.au/ and https://www.themummytraineracademy.com/ and https://www.dannivee.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/danniveecoach/


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