#33 Are You Making These Common Financial Mistakes?

Do you find yourself getting stumped by your finances? Or worried that you’re not planning for the future with confidence? 

This is a really important episode to help you look at your finances and see if you’re making some very common financial mistakes. I know it’s inevitable that we’ll make mistakes, especially when you’re new to running your own business and they’re often a great way to learn, but mistakes with your finances can end up costing you thousands.

So today some of the common financial mistakes we’ll explore are: 

  1. Not pricing for profit
  2. Keep your personal banking and business banking separate
  3. Not saving for your taxes (including your GST!)
  4. Shiny object syndrome and spending big
  5. Not budgeting
  6. Running your business on a spreadsheet – make sure you invest in accounting software

Grab a pen and write these down as I explore the minefield that each can cause in your business. You’ll save yourself so much time and hassle if you have the right structure, planning, knowledge and support from the beginning.




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