#30 The eCommerce Trap: How to Avoid Common Pitfalls and Thrive

Today I’m talking with one of my favourite people in the world – Naomi Rohr from Avarcas Australia. Naomi was the very first client I ever had in my bookkeeping practice, Accounted For You and I’m absolutely thrilled to have her on today to discuss how she has built her eCommerce business to not just be profitable but to thrive. 

Naomi founded Avarcas Australia as a side hustle to sell beautiful, handmade, sandal-like shoes imported from Menorca in Spain. Her business grew so quickly into a full-blown company with a warehouse inventory, wholesale stockers and a complex array of moving parts that she had to learn to navigate very quickly.

In today’s conversation Naomi shares the things you need to avoid when running an eCommerce business to steer away from pitfalls as well as her incredible tips and pearls of wisdom to design a successful business that is profitable and thriving. 

We discuss GST, the apps and software that she finds works best for her, outsourcing, joining online communities and how to keep on top of your pricing in today’s global climate with an effective pricing calculator

Listen in and learn from all of Naomi’s experience and expertise in running a successful eCommerce business. You’ll save so much time and money and thank yourself later! 


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