#24 How Your Legal Fees Can Make You Money in Your Biz

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You are in for a real treat today – we are talking all things business legals, truly non-negotiable in business. While getting your legal documents sorted can be a big investment, ultimately they not only save you money in the long run but can help you make money in your business.

Joining us on the podcast today to go over some key pieces of the legal puzzle is my dear friend and own solicitor Tracey Mylecharane from TM Solicitor. Tracey has a unique approach to supporting you legally and is all about doing law differently. She specialises in small business law and has an empowerment ethos – she’s all about empowering you and minimising risk so that you are confident, set up and legally protected for complete peace of mind.

Tracey’s approach is that prevention is better than cure. And her legal expertise is incredible – she comes with 20 years of experience, the majority in litigation and dispute resolution. Her background in this area is why she’s so passionate about helping to set you up to avoid issues in the first place.

In this episode, Tracey shares how to change the legal landscape of your business to be the best it can be and how to use your legals to help your business grow, all while being protected.

So, what are business legals? They are the basic core trio of legal documents that all businesses need – your Client Agreement (also known as Terms and Conditions), your website terms and conditions and your privacy policy.

Tracey explains that business legal documents form one of the three pillars of risk mitigation in your business (along with business structure and insurance). We also discuss legal templates and why they are not the right approach and all the reasons why (there are many!).

If business legals are something you feel confused about or have been avoiding Tracey’s approach will have you on the right track in no time. There is loads of juicy information in this episode for you!


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