The Best Resources for 2021 Planning

Yup. The time has come to get organised using the best resources for 2021 planning! I’m not sure about you but I always have a rough strategic draft in my head and then go on to cement it in January. The Christmas/School Holidays rush always takes it out of me. So, if you’re the same, I’ve compiled some of my favourite planning resources. Best of all, a heap of them are free/low cost and downloadable. 

The Wall Planner 

It’s not fancy but I like to start with a good old fashioned wall planner. Block out school holidays, big events and busy periods of your business. That way, you have a birdseye view of what lies ahead. You can get these anywhere but I particularly love the Kikki K one.

A Gorgeous Paper Planner

I treat myself to a really pretty, functional diary every year. I like to plot out the week ahead on a Sunday night so I know exactly what’s happening, when. I use mine for a mix of business and family stuff.

I’ve been super lucky to be gifted a fab one from Saint Belford for 2021 from my friend for Christmas. I have also heard nothing but great stuff about Tash Guthrie’s Time Planner and Goal Diggers.

A Project Management Tool

You are either for or against an electronic project management tool and I sit firmly in the FOR camp. Business gets messy. Deadlines blow out. But with the amazing Karbon (this is specifically for the Accounting Industry), I’m able to delegate to my team, track their progress and forward plan for both big and small-ticket items. It also provides my clients with their own special secure access to ‘To Do’ items we’ve given them! This is one of my fave resources for 2021 planning EVER – I literally could not run my practice without it.

There are a myriad of software options to suit your needs. Some of the more popular ones are Airtable, and Asana.

Social Media Planning

Hands up if you spend a large chunk of your time planning social media content? I certainly do. The good news is, the folks over at Plann have created a monthly downloadable content calendar which makes strategising socials SO much easier. Even better, it’s FREE!

Download January here.

You can also nab a *free* internal agency 30 content planner from the marketing powerhouse Birdcage Marketing.

Pricing Planning

A new year is the perfect time to increase your prices. If you’re not sure how much you should be charging, what your cost price is, how much profit you *actually* make and how to strategise your prices, I’ve developed a workbook that will make it SO simple.

You can download it here.

What tools do you use to keep yourself on track – let me know! Want to rejig your To Do list – I have some help for you here.

If you need a hand with your Bookkeeping in 2021, keep your eye’s peeled for our calendar to reopen and then you can book a free discovery call with me here.

Lisa x

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