your numbers questions answered
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you may be Wondering what this is all about…

Rachel Aldridge from In Nature’s Hands and your *community group* has put together an amazing free live Zoom where you can bring your coffee (and or wine) and questions on all things number related to your small business.

Lisa Turner from Accounted For You will be there to help remove some of the mystery, overwhelm and unknown. Lisa is a registered BAS Agent with the ATO. Being an experienced small business advisor working with many owners – who loves helping small business owners learn and grow their business the right way. With financials being a tricky topic to give advice on here are some FAQ.

We can only give general advice, tips & tricks on the zoom. So things like

  • when do I need to register for GST
  • what is a profit & loss report
  • what kind of software should I use and when
  • how should I track my expenses
  • what does IAS, COGS or STP even mean?

No question is too silly – if you’re thinking it, chances are someone else is too, so ask away!

Awesome, within your community FaceBook group there is a pinned post for you to submit any questions ahead of time.

Finance can be a bit nerve wracking to talk about and being that it can be kinda confidential, you might not be comfortable asking your question in a public forum. Feel free to email it to Rachel or Lisa beforehand.

Most definitely – anyone that registers will receive the zoom link to attend live AND be emailed the replay.

Tax – personal and company. I’m not a Tax Agent, so I can’t and don’t give advice regarding your tax returns, or tax you might have to pay.

Personalised advice – I can’t tell you how much to save for your BAS, how much to sell your product or services for. Think general and we’ll be all good!

Structure advice – this chat is best with your Tax Agent in conjunction with your solicitor.

Once you’ve registered, you’ll be emailed a confirmation email with the Zoom link so you can pop it in the diary and be prepared to learn something new – in a quick and easy to understand way.

When Tuesday 14th June, 11am AES TBC
Where Zoom online event

Can’t wait to see you soon. Lisa & Rachel.