Add on integration problems? Let’s fix it!

There’s another admin side to a small business that can often be overlooked, or put in the too-hard basket. The addons that you use for your online shop, your industry-specific booking & invoicing programs, have you integrated it with your accounting software?

In most cases, it can be automated so the sales and invoices you’ve raised in these can be linked and all sent over, making it quicker and less room for errors!

There are a lot of addons now and quite often they don’t get integrated with the accounting software because you just don’t know how to link it up and where to direct the flow of the numbers coming in from your retail platform. 

We offer a fully supported integration package where we

  • setup your accounting software (if you haven’t got one already)
  • Install and customise the relevant app(s)
  • create all the new accounts you need (specific bank fees, clearing accounts etc)
  • create all your bank rules to automate where your incoming money goes to
  • check, review and adjust your tax settings depending on your registration status
  • train and support you in the ongoing review and maintenance
  • follow on review and support to check everything is perfect
  • provide an eBook with what has been done and how to manage it

Want to know more? Send me an email and let’s work out how to make things easier for you.


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